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Road tripping through West Texas is full of unusual surprises

Lonely. Flat. Hot. If that's what comes to mind when you think about West Texas travel, think again. Lonely? That means uncrowded roads. Flat? The better to view the region's many mountains rising from the Chihuahuan Desert floor. Hot? OK, yes, in summer. This is Texas after all, but you'll find temperate weather in spring and fall. (Winter is another matter. From November to March, freezing temperatures bringing ice and snow make a road trip not the best idea.) Link to Story

Making Waves

Competing in Cedar Hill's open-water contest is no lazy lap at the pool.
Texas Parks & Wildlife Link to Story

The Seduced by Sound Blog

What is it about a club that makes a musician love to play there (other than actually getting the cash money)? For musicians in “Seduced by Sound: Austin,” it’s respect, friendly people and good sound. And free beer. Definitely free beer.

3 Austin Bands You Need to Know (and Will Love!)

Discovering a new favorite band is often a highlight of any visit to Austin. But with hundreds of local bands, how do you even begin to plan your nights out? The new book Seduced by Sound: Austin is a great place to begin exploring. In Seduced by Sound, more than 100 local artists talk about why and how they make music.

Review: The Field to Table Cookbook: Gardening, Foraging, Fishing, and Hunting.

You don’t get far into The Field to Table Cookbook: Gardening, Foraging, Fishing, and Hunting before you realize this book isn’t just about venison sausage recipes or how to grill redfish.
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How to Keep Austin Arty

Is Austin too far gone? When it comes to making sure our artists, musicians and actors can afford to live here, that’s a real worry. Austin’s rising cost of life is hitting the people who make this a city where any night of the week you can find a band worth listening to or a performance worth seeing. We have a creative and vibrant town, but more and more creative people are leaving.

"Curate" — Annoying or Really Annoying?

Digital content. Hotel minibars. Cheese plates. Photos of beards. They’re all things I’ve recently seen described as “curated.”. Doesn’t it seem like there’s way too much “curating” going on now? Once used mainly in the realm of museums or art collections, “curate” is now applied to just about any list or collection of things.

Let’s blow the roof off Amplify Austin!

If you’ve made your Amplify donation, thank you for being amazing! We’re feeling the love! If you haven’t made a gift yet, may we nudge you along? There are just a few hours left before Amplify Austin ends at 6 pm today. Please help us offer even more East Austin kids the inspiration, skills and confidence that come with art lessons and mentoring by professional Big Artists.

Gettin’ crazy and kickin’ ass to make the world a better place.

The Austin league of the national Collective of Lady Arm Wrestlers — is an association of tough Austin ladies dedicated to showcasing women’s strengths and bringing in the Benjamins for local nonprofits. A CLAWstin match is part athletic event, part circus, and just about the wildest show in town.

Big Artist Katie Cowden turns lasers into art tools — and confidence

What pops into your head when you think of lasers? Technology? James Bond movie villains? How about art? For Big Artist Katie Cowden, lasers are just part of a day’s work. Katie uses a laser-cutting machine to cut out her designs from materials such as plywood. Then she turns those cut-out pieces into art or jewelry.

For Big Artist Michael Sieben, Art is Something to Share

Think about it: Why would busy professional artists invest the time to go to an art classroom or open their studios for a child they don’t know? And where do they even start if they’ve never been a mentor? Big Artist Michael Sieben is pretty much the definition of “busy.”. As an artist, writer, and skateboard designer, he’s built a creative career over the past 20 years with an impressive amount of initiative.


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